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The Qorom economy will take root and evolve along with th

e current monetary economy.
 From its creation to the politics of this new financial organization its concept has evolved considerably with more flexibility and more security for all individuals. You will find in this book how to access this new economic system using the latest technologies ...
You will discover the concept as a whole and thus you will participate in the creation of this new organization. It is essential to buy this book to give birth to this physical creation as it is essential to register on our site. Click on this button to discover an extract of this book!

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This site is built with the aim of raising awareness among all the peoples of our planet.

It deals with all the subjects that led to its construction.

Its construction is based on the history of the founder of the economy Qorom which, you will see during his presentation, does not lack interest.

Why a new economy?

  • The first reason is the inadequacy of the current economy governed by money.
  • The second reason is the feeling of insecurity in the current economy.
  • The third is economic because the blockage caused by the scarcity of money hinders evolution and creates a lot of damage in the world, both human and economic.
  • The fourth reason is the individual freedom of the human because you are all prisoners of a spiritual, political and financial philosophy that deprives you as a rule of the pleasures of life.
  • And finally, one of the essential reasons that separate you is that the world is too divided for a global understanding of all humanity so it is important to create a world administration. It would identify the whole of humanity for many reasons which are the unity of all, the equality and the distribution between all natural resources as wealth!

Qorom is an economy specially designed to meet all human and material needs in our life from birth to the end of life.
Its main characteristic is to finance the entirety of the individuals existing on our planet from the youngest to the oldest.
This economy removes the misery caused by the current system while giving a freedom of life as expression of life without common measure existing in the present system.
Freedom of use because the activity of all individuals is financed by Qorom.
Freedom of movement because each individual will be identified and will be able to lodge wherever he wants on the planet.
Finished unwanted dismissals because Qorom finances the human being and any dismissal will have to be justified by economic or social reasons.
And finally Qorom looks to the future by investing heavily in the discovery of the universe as in modern technologies, in research and it is especially the end of a politico-financial-religious grip.
It's time to discover the universe as a new world! In the spirit of Qorom we do not speak of conquering the universe but of discovery because it is not a question of weapons but of well-being for the future!
Nature is also a focus of Qorom's philosophy to protect and care for it!



Welcome to our website.

We are going to present you in this site a new world economy which is based on obvious findings of the failure of the current economic system. Your ambition is to gather as many people as possible behind this project in order to generate a global good.

The following topics are covered in the different pages of this site:

- Home: Presentation of Qorom.
- History: This section discusses the origins of this creation.
- Economy Qorom: This page will present all the major points that constitute this new economy.
- Philosophy Qorom: This section will introduce you to the spirit of this economy.
- Policy: This module presents the main lines of the Qorom Administration policy.
- Structure Qorom: This module presents the structure of this administration with the elements that compose it.
- The book value: This module presents the creation of a new remuneration by an accounting depreciation of the company on its assets. This concept is new in the business.
- Point: Module that introduces the new means of exchange to replace money.
- The detailed description of Qorom: This module describes the outline of this Administration Qorom in its development with the first means deployed by Qorom Administration.
- The Qorom More: This page presents all the strengths of this economy in the face of the current system that is fraught with failures.

This site is very important to meet the future challenges in the world. Our global organization has many shortcomings in the face of new technologies.

The more numerous you will join to our economic construction and the more the powers of the world will be obliged to listen to us but it depends only on you and your registration as a member of this site!

Qorom: World Economic Administration
Designer: P.Laffitte
Mail: qorom@live.fr
Year of creation of Qorom: 2005 - 2007

Create by: P.Laffitte
Date of creation of the website: December 2018
Qorom - The World Between Your Hands



Origin of Qorom Association

Who are we ?

At the origin of this creation exists a French individual, who with the support of influential people was looking for a job being unemployed in April 1996.
After applying as a spontaneous candidate in the company AXA insurance in Paris, this young man fell into the hands of the powers of this world with a French dominance.
Indeed, after his candidacy as Insurance Agent to the management of AXA in Paris, a number of influences and observations were put in place in the life of this candidate.
He had spent many years looking for an idea that would allow him to get out of his unemployed situation without ever finding, until a bright idea came to his mind and he announced it to his loved ones. ... it was his first mistake!
He told his own mother this project, which is: Based on the book value of the world's companies (all of its assets that represent its wealth), you create a cycle over 10 years, for example (but this remains to be evaluated ), during which the enterprise capitalizes on its profits the equivalent of its book value. At the end of the capitalization cycle you distribute these accumulated funds over the last 10 years among all employees of the company equally, including management.
This candidate, totally anonymous and innocent had invented the innovative process, the fairest of all, the distribution of wealth in the world without having a real awareness of all the consequences of this invention before the powers that watched him for a long time. good time already.
From that moment his life was completely upset to end up no longer belong to him so much the presence of these powers over him and his house was omnipresent (still in 2018 this hold is present on me and my house).
The French power of the time (1996 I remind you) concluded that this candidate was the manifestation of the gods of our world and he wanted to create a religious symbol on the life of this candidate. This young man, innocent of all religious involvement, is seen as a prisoner of the religious myth of Christianity by being himself an atheist in his mind.
This religious hold still exists today, date of creation of this site, and is manifested by daily torture on my body with a rape beyond measure of my life as well as on my mind.
The creation of Qorom Administration was revealed when this candidate asked the question of lying to the people by the creation of this religious symbol for existence on earth. He concluded that planet earth was too much of a nuisance in societies to be approved in this way by itself with this religious symbol. As he often says to his interlocutors .. "Stand on Mars and watch the earth turn with all its misery and suffering of peoples, after you tell me if I have a reason to approve the world as it stands today !".
Thus, in 2005, after contacting the WTO OMC service via the Internet, he created the Qorom economy for two years with the professionals of one of the most competent companies because its global dimension as its sector of activity allowed to respond to this international creation!
Microsoft, by its creator in 2016, 2017, is detached from its association with the creation of Qorom Administration to leave me alone in front of this initiative of international creation.

History of this creative candidate of Qorom ...

This young man born in 1969 on Friday, June 13 has gone through many hardships since his creation of the cycle on the book value of companies! He is still alive because a counterpower Medical allowed him to obtain a protection of all the moments and this thanks to the modern technologies! This is how he can still testify to his history and introduce you to this new economy totally innovative and good on earth .......!

Testimonials ......

A lady psychiatrist who followed this candidate at the beginning of his tests can confirm all these facts in the life of this candidate without being able to speak in front of the powers! The testimony of this candidate is described in the book whose title is "My second life and eternal adoption" available on the site http://www.thebookedition.com. in the category "biography" ...... Read because you will be amazed at his fight!


Qorom Economy


The world in your hands in equality, freedom and sufficiency, that's what Qorom offers you ..!
A safer world with the guarantee of a better life!

Qorom is an economy that primarily finances the human being. It is totally autonomous and free from all its financial means, therefore without investment limit. It's human funding and people's freedom.

What are the advantages:

• This economy is based on the best characteristics of success.
• This economy is not a coincidence.
     o It is the result of a recognition of the inadequacy of the current world economy by its lack of distribution of wealth in the whole of humanity.
     o It takes into account all categories of society.
     o It is safe and fair for everyone.
• It eradicates misery just like famine.
• This new economy releases all human and financial energies.
• This economy, through its point exchange system, eradicates all fraudulent transactions by creating a value of its own.
• Its investment capacity will modernize all sectors from research to the general economy.
• It's a world where gender parity with gender equality will come to light.
• It is the end of the phenomenon of immigration that hurts all peoples.
• It is also a global economy that will put all countries on an equal footing.
• It's the end of the armed forces that kill the world like criminals.
• And finally it is the end of a politico-religious hold that submits all peoples to the acceptance of suffering as misery all over the world. This religious hold protects all the politicians in their exactions of the evil in the world like the war or the famine, the deception, the flight, the lie and these monks are the advocates of all those belligerents who operate this evil on earth.
- The design of this new economy is realized in 2 years around with the taking into account of all the continents according to the instructions given by Internet to the Microsoft team in 2005 but everything remains to be done, now that Microsoft is retracted from the project , with the peoples who are the element for this study!
- All categories of populations will be studied, from childhood to old age, each human will enjoy the same security of life!
- It is to meet the future challenges and evolution of peoples that this new economy exists!
- The creation as the establishment of this economy depends entirely on the will of the people to want to change their conditions of life in the whole world!
- People, children are starving again today and we must change this fact!
Register as a member of this economic construction, this is the only way to weigh and change things!



Qorom Philosophy

Qorom is an economy specially designed to meet all human and material needs in our life from birth to the end of life.

Its main characteristic is to finance the entirety of the individuals existing on our planet from the youngest to the oldest.

This economy removes the misery caused by the current system while giving a freedom of life as expression of life without common measure existing in the present system.

Freedom of use because the activity of all individuals is financed by Qorom.

Freedom of movement because each individual will be identified and will be able to lodge wherever he wants on the planet.

Finished unwanted dismissals because Qorom finances the human being and any dismissal will have to be justified by economic or social reasons.

And finally Qorom looks to the future by investing heavily in the discovery of the universe as in modern technologies, in research and it is especially the end of a politico-financial-religious grip.

It's time to discover the universe as a new world! In the spirit of Qorom we do not speak of conquering the universe but of discovery because it is not a question of weapons but of well-being for the future!

Nature is also a focus of Qorom's philosophy to protect and care for it!




In Qorom's general policy a complete break with the current economy is taking place.

The first topic we discuss in this section will be Qorom's structure.

The second topic will be the cycle on the book value of companies and its characteristics.

The third will concern the Point with its minimum, its maximum and its basic grid.

The fourth and fifth subject will concern the details of this economy with the strengths of this new economy as the weak points of the current system.

The general policy outlined on this site is the basic elements that have built its development. They can be modified as needed.


Qorom Structure Administration


The structure of Qorom consists of three elements:

      • Global Structure
      • National Structure
      • Regional Structure

Global Structure:
   • Qorom is made up of two separate administrations, the Qorom Administration for the World Economy and a medical administration responsible for all health-related services around the world. These two administrations will have to follow the same hierarchical scheme.
   • The security cell of its Administration will be composed of 7 elected representatives, one per continent. Elected for the duration of the accounting cycle of the company, these elected representatives will have to be chosen simultaneously of opposite sex election after election while respecting a parity male woman within the security council.
   • The head office and the global structure will be located in France in the Bordeaux region.
   • The information system of these administrations will be installed in the United States.

National Structure:
   • Each country will be divided into four regions that will be South, North, West and East.
   • A directorate will be responsible for managing these four regions. A Chief Executive Officer from each country will be represented in each head office of his two administrations in France.
   • This national directorate will be in charge of national resource management as well as coordination as competition between each one of these national regions.
   • All national economic exchanges will be managed by this central structure to trace information to Qorom's global structure for better decision management.

Regional Structure:
These are the most important structures of these administrations in that they will be closer to the local population as the economic and social fabric.
   • Composed of all qorom local annexes, these regional offices will be located closer to the individuals.
   • Qorom agents will be in charge of informing their members with assistance for all the criteria of life (social, economic and medical with the medical administration).
   • Your Qorom manager will be your only contact to answer all your everyday problems and will be in charge with you to solve all your questions like your remuneration, your company reports etc ...


Accounting Value

The CoCycle Value of the concept of remuneration on the accounting value of companies: mpatable

The book value of companies corresponds to the price of its assets on the financial market.

What is the book value?
         -  The book value is the total sum of the value of all its assets recorded in the balance sheet assets accounts. It corresponds to the purchase price of the assets minus depreciation and any depreciation. The book value includes stocks, bonds, inventory of goods, manufacturing equipment, real estate, etc. In theory, the book value should even integrate up to the least pen, but for the sake of simplicity in the calculations, companies do most of the time calculate only large assets, easily quantifiable.

Project on the business book value cycle:
   • This draft cycle on the book value of the company is not presently in the balance sheet of companies. It is therefore an innovation!
   • This project consists in realizing, over a given period, the capital of Point corresponding to the book value of the company to decide at the end of the cycle between all the actors specific to the company!
   • The value of this capital depends primarily on the management of the company and the quality of its employees in their daily tasks. Because a company that provides good services is a company that gains value!

Perspective of this innovation:
   • Assuming the amortization of this book value over 10 years, the company's employees will be paid a share capital equal to their share of the book value share capital that will allow them to consider a number of projects.
   • The guarantee of the revenues paid by this administration Qorom with this capital of Points every 10 years will balance the wealth on our planet.
   • Qorom has no limit of funding, the world will be eradicated misery with the total assurance of a comfortable living income in addition to this capital for individuals who choose to work.
   • Global competitions will be organized to rank the best performing companies on the capitalization of the book value, both in terms of value and time of completion, because nothing is fixed in the management of each one of them, except the realization of this new financial capital.


The Point

Exchange description:

The substitution of the value of money by the value of the Point comes from several findings that we will address in this section.

Why the value of the Point first?

    · Point as a linguistic term is universal.

    · Point as expression is a value common to all peoples on our planet, so understandable by all.

    · The Point by definition is quantitative and indicates a more or less strong value.

    · The Point as exchange value is a value of its own, being the creation of Qorom in this new economy.

General Rule of the Point:
   1. The exchanges of this value of Point will be made by means of modern technologies.
   2. More money value like the liquidity of money as currently because the Point is traded only through modern technologies.
   3. All exchanges must be justified to respond to fair exchanges.
   4. The Point is an economic value calculated according to a value scale based on the Euro, European currency.
   5. This value has the property of being universal.

The values ​​of the Point:
   1. Being a new exchange value this creation is totally seine of any unfair implication.
   2. In Qorom's general policy, Point has the excellence of remunerating all human existence on our planet.
   3. To be justified, the Point puts an end to all fraudulent exchanges such as hard drugs, weapons, bribes etc ..., because automatic vigilance will govern all these exchanges.
   4. The compensation value of the Point is secured by modern technologies and assured because the funding is unlimited investment.
   5. The amount of remuneration in Point will suffice for every human being for a life in conditions worthy of a life in comfort.


Detailed description of Qorom

Qorom in detail

General rule :
    • The Points as the prices of this new economy are based on the current system of the Euro.
    • All humans regardless of their status will receive a minimum of 1500 Points paid by the Qorom administration.
    • All employees will be provided with a minimum of 2250 Points paid by Qorom Administration in addition to a monthly remuneration negotiated with his company in addition to the capital on the project of the book value of the company at the end of the cycle. People choosing not to work will be penalized with this capital on book value.
    • The remuneration paid by Qorom will not exceed 4500 Points regardless of the status of the employee except in special cases such as activities involving the life of the human being.
    • All governments responsible for managing utility chaqu one of the country will be forced to submit their annual budget for the approval of the Security Council Qorom Administration and its issuance in point to finish with the different taxes of all kinds in the world.

Basic principle of the Qorom administration:
    • Each individual of this new economy will have a reference Qorom for the management of his daily life that is financial as social.
    • According to a grid established by our services, each active individual will be allocated the number of points planned on the basis of 35 hours per week with 2 months of holidays in the year.
    • Both children and students will have their exam scores converted into Points to give them, depending on their age, autonomy in addition to learning how to manage their Points.
    • Self-employed workers will have to run their businesses as a business with a book value cycle and will be paid executive compensation according to Qorom Administration's fee schedule. They will have to sell their services and build a cycle on the book value as any business with the payment of a monthly salary to their employees as to the management of the company.
    • All salespeople will be paid the minimum of 2250 Points by Qorom plus the salary with the company's commissions on their turnover for remuneration, knowing that all their exercise expenses will be borne by the company.
    • The hierarchies of each production unit must be respected according to the contract between the two parties (manager, employee).
   • Individuals will be free to stop their professional activity as soon as they wish with an end-of-life pension calculated according to their earnings which will be profitable, paid by Qorom Administration.
    • The Qorom administration will have to work closely with the medical administration on all aspects of research such as the development of modern technologies.

Basic principle of medical administration:
    • the medical administration parallel to the general administration Qorom will be in charge of all the elements related to the nature that it is human or animal.
    • Health care facilities, staff, equipment such as research: all these sectors of activity will be financed by this medical administration.
    • On the same hierarchical structure of Qorom this administration will be endowed with the same organization chart of management in the world.
   • Each individual or family will have a referring general practitioner to manage their health as closely as possible.
   • As the resources of this administration are infinite, the medical infrastructures and other related structures will be developed in all the countries of the world for a principle of equal opportunities wherever one is in the world.
    • All health services (veterinarian included) will be paid income with automatic funding by the Medical Administration and only luxury interventions will be priced by the individual.
   • This Medical Administration will be run by health professionals only, who will be subject to the ethical rules of health and well-being.
   • The pharmaceutical industry, like all its services, will be financed by this Medical Administration like all the liberal professions attached to health.
   • Points earned by grade will be developed by the management of this Medical Administration and the management of all its assets.
   • And finally, the medical administration with all the financial means is a good way to counter power in case of failure of the management of Qorom.

Teaching and students:

Many countries lack educational infrastructure as well as teaching staff, so a large investment by Qorom will be devoted to this profession to put all countries on a par with the modernization of this profession.

• Many countries will have new modern infrastructures with all the teaching and other staff for their development.
• Leaner structures in numbers of students per section with modern technologies to individualize teaching so that the individual progresses according to his faculties.
• Depending on the sections, the marks of each student will be converted into Points to give them remuneration and learning with autonomy in the management of their Points portfolio.
• The universally taught language will be English with a second language specific to each country as it is today.
• The student will be followed by a reference Qorom to respond to its evolution in the best conditions.


More from Qorom Administration

Qorom supplement:

The advantages of this new economy are numerous and it will be impossible for me to quote them all.

The philosophy of the human being is totally different because of the financial security of each individual. The fact of not having a sword of Damocles on the head changes the conditions of the spirit in humans.
    • The balance of countries on a modern basis of equality, changes the whole deal between each one of them.
    • All of humanity will have the means to live properly regardless of its social status.
    • The world thus united under this administration will put an end to the armed conflict.
    • The means available to people will enable them to travel and discover the world.
    • End of immigration to the world because we believe that everyone will be free and happy to stay or return to their country.
    • The gender parity will finally be respected, it is the end of the inequalities.
    • End of dirty money because both Point and modern technologies are not subject to corruption.
    • The education of children will be quieter thanks to a more efficient teaching.
    • Children's autonomy through the conversion of their results to Point will give them more responsibility in their evolution.
    • Individual autonomy will give more personal freedom.
    • Etc ...
    • The medical administration will offer all the means to care for the whole of humanity.
    • A lot of development in all countries to upgrade medicine, medical structures, hospitals etc.
    • Wildlife will also be respected, it is the end of animal frauds and extinction of some endangered breeds.
    • The medical administration thanks to its financial autonomy will be an excellent counterbalance against the moral and financial power in the event of the Qorom Administration's failing leadership.
    • Medical and technological research will have greater capacity for work and investment.
    • Wherever you are, you can access care.
    • End-of-life assistance will have a better exercise condition for respect for the human.
    • And finally access to care will be facilitated by taking care of health costs to put everyone on an equal footing.
    • Etc ...